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You’re welcome to enter one, or if you prefer, a number of different categories, subject to your eligibility.

All winners will be announced per industry

Exceptional Content Marketing Initiative

This award recognizes and honors a standout campaign or strategy that showcases creativity, innovation, and effectiveness in content marketing.

Best Performing Single Growth-Hack

A single, exceptionally impactful growth hack that emerged from in-depth analysis and understanding of a niche audience, leading to significant achievements in attracting users.

Best Strategy in Starting your SEO Efforts to a Significant Result

Exceptional SEO achievements that go beyond rankings, focusing on deeply understanding the niche audience, creating and curating engaging content across various platforms, and significantly improving visibility and performance metrics.

Best Strategy in Increasing Rankings

Is it content refinement? Strategic keyword targeting? Fostering inbound links? A combination of all three?

Best Strategy in Increasing Domain Authority

A combination of patient, strategic efforts, engaging content, and community building, to achieve exponential growth with minimal resources and a focus on quality.

Best SEO Migration Performed

Exceptional SEO migrations retain and aim to enhance rankings, leveraging data-driven strategies to achieve measurable improvements in organic traffic, user engagement, and overall site performance post-migration.

Best Actionable Reporting Composed

Reports that not only offer actionable insights based on data but are compellingly presented to drive people towards taking necessary actions, with evaluation criteria including aesthetics, data correlations, integrations, and the ability to drill down from summary to detailed information.

Best Implemented Product Hunt Campaign

The most effectively implemented Product Hunt campaign, evaluating various aspects beyond top placement, including promotional materials, offers, user engagement, feedback, team responsiveness, upvotes, and competition context.

Fastest Early Traction Achievement

The fastest early traction achievement, recognizing startups that innovatively engage with unutilized traction channels, balance product development with traction efforts, and demonstrate significant customer growth through direct feedback and agile testing.

Best Messaging Testing Campaign

Diverse and effective messaging strategies tailored to various personas across multiple channels.

Best Referral Marketing Campaign Implemented

The referral marketing campaign that achieved exponential growth by turning customers into brand ambassadors and lovers, enhancing audience engagement and growth pre or post-launch.

Best Implemented Product-Market-Fit

Exceptional Product Market Fit, based on deep understanding and fulfillment of the market's needs through constant iteration, customer feedback, and data-driven adjustments.

Most Innovative Use of Technology in Growth (Engineer-as-Marketing)

Something that went viral not been the main product but a stand-alone “something” of value for the same persona.

Best Executed Crowdfunding Campaign

The most successful crowdfunding campaign, judged on its ability to effectively target and inspire backers, the time efficiency in reaching goals, and the overall performance.

Best Executed Pivot (partial shift in products or services)

Innovative process of pivoting, digital transformation, or product/service adaptation, regardless of the outcome.

Best Growth Modelling

A holistic strategy or set of tasks that managed to turn around a business in terms of revenues, profits or traction

Best Inbound Funnel Performance

An inbound growth machine managing to deliver an extraordinary conversion rate from traffic to leads (or sales) including engagement points, messaging, marketing automation, email follow-up, etc.

Best SEO Performance

A holistic SEO Strategy (On-site, on-page, off-site) that managed to generate organic traffic and increase organic traction to the targeted keywords in a period of 6 months.

Best Outreach Campaign

A holistic outreach campaign including a concept, prospecting, messaging and lead generation that manage to generate leads useful for the client.

Best Social Selling Campaign

A Holistic campaign that managed to increase the circle of influence on Linkedin (or other channels) with proper prospecting and messaging to the users having an extraordinary conversion rate

Best Product-Led-Growth Strategy

A product that launch capturing all stages of user’s journey, implemented feedback and viral loops and utilised them to optimise the product

Best Pre-launch Campaign

A pre-launch campaign (concept, execution, message) that managed to attract traction in a short period of time

Best Performance in Turning Around a Business

A holistic strategy or set of tasks that managed to turn around a business in terms of revenues, profits or traction