The Growth Hacking Awards 2024 USA

Awarding The Best In Growth Marketing

The digital marketing world achieves rapid growth and a plethora of new information and tools each year that goes by. The Growth Hacking Awards are here to recognize the efforts and select the top of the crop in the growth marketing industry in the USA.

2024 Application closes in

[Applications closed]

The Judges

Get to know our judges. These growth hacking experts from around the globe have been selected to choose the winners of each category.

Theo Moulos

CEO GrowthRocks
Theo Moulos - Comittee

Effie Bersoux

CEO GrowthGirls
effie bersoux

Brennan Woodruff

Co-Founder GoCharlie!
Brennan Woodruff | Jury Committee

Molly Strawn-Carreño

Sr Growth Marketing Manager
USA - Molly Strawn-Carreño

Amber Hadley

Sr Growth Marketing Manager
USA - Amber Hadley

Tim Kilroy

Digital Marketer & Growth Coach
USA - Tim Kilroy

Gil Eyal

Investor Stardust Ventures
USA - Gil Eyal

Mike Phillips

Growth Marketer
USA - Mike Phillips

Mick Essex

Head of Growth POWR
USA - Mick Essex

Evan Van Dyke

Fractional CMO
USA - Evan Van Dyke

Nishant Modi

Founder & CMO Greetsapp
USA - Nishant Modi

Yasaman A Soroori

CEO Consulta
USA - Yasaman A Soroori

Sasha Zinevych

Sr Growth Marketing Manager
USA - Sasha Zinevych

Daria Shishlyannikova

Marketing Specialist, Founder
USA - Daria Shishlyannikova

Irina Kallaur

Digital Marketer
USA - Irina Kallaur

Maria Ida Palmieri

Marketer & Growth Hacker
USA - Maria Ida Palmieri

Alexey Taranov

Advanced SEO Specialist
USA - Alexey Taranov

Vladimir Lastenko

CMO & co-Founder AYEP's
USA - Vladimir Lastenko

Daria Vasileva

Digital Marketing Manager
USA - Daria Vasileva

Anastasiia Moskovchenko

Product Lead Manager
USA - Anastasiia Moskovchenko

Mikhail Sharonov

Co-Founder Immigram
USA - Mikhail Sharonov

Inna Pashniak

Digital Marketing Expert
USA - Inna Pashniak

Important Dates

Don’t miss our upcoming dates below.


Applications end

You have the opportunity to apply for awards starting the 12th of February 2024. You can buy your slot(s) until 31/08/2024.


Evaluations end

With the judges, we will conclude the evaluations one (1) month after the applications end. We will bring specialised judges if needed based on the submitted applications.

Oct 2024

Winner(s) announcement

We will have our award ceremony at the of Oct 2024, where we will present the use cases of the winners and all supported material will be distributed (content, badges, ceremonial email etc). Exact date to be announced.

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