Awarding The Best In Growth Marketing

The digital marketing world achieves rapid growth and a plethora of new information and tools each year that goes by. The Growth Hacking Awards are here to recognize the efforts and select the top of the crop in the growth marketing industry.

2024 Application closes in

[Applications closed]

Award Tiers






From SAAS to B2C Retail


SaaS, B2B Services, B2C Services, Infoproducts, Marketplaces, B2C Retail, Telcos & Technology, Finance & Insurance, Fashion & Luxury, Travel & Hospitality, e-commerce

Awards Entry

You’re welcome to enter one, or if you prefer, a number of different categories, subject to your eligibility

A valid entry must include all of the following documentation.

How to Apply


View the list of awards categories below and select the award that best represents you, your agency or your company. You can also apply as an agency together with your client and in that case, you need to fill-in both field: Agency Name and Company Name


Checkout your applications and keep the order with the number of applications for future use. You may start preparing with the sample application forms per category


When submissions will be open you will be able to dubmit for each of the category you have purchased. Obviously it will be one-submission per application.

The Judges

Get to know our judges. These growth hacking experts from around the globe have been selected to choose the winners of each category of the 2024 awards that will run in Australia, the UK and the USA.




Important Dates

Don’t miss our upcoming dates below.


Applications end

You have the opportunity to apply for the UK, US, or Australian awards starting the 12th of Feb 2024. You can buy your slot(s) until 31/03/2024


Evaluations end

With the judges we will have concluded the evaluations one (1) month after the applications. We will bring specialised judges if needed based on the submitted applications

Oct 2024

Winner(s) announcement

We will have our award ceremonies at the end of Oct 2024, where we will present the use cases of the winners and all supported material will be distributed (content, badges, ceremonial email etc). Exact date to be announced.

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