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In Which Category Should I Compete?

What are the Best Ways to Determine the Category in Which I Should Compete?

There are many carefully distinguished awards available. It is up to you to take part in the ones which qualify you for an award based on your performance.

Use my Award

How Can I Use my Award?

The possibilities with awards are endless. We’re sure that you know the best method of making use of your award in your market since you’re a growth hacker. πŸ˜‰

Company to Enter the Competition

Would it be Possible for my Company to Enter the Competition if One of my Employees Serves as a Judge in this Category?

Yes, you can. All judges have a high level of integrity.
Participation would not be favored by any of the judges. In addition, there are 30 judges on our panel; A single judge will not make a difference in the outcome.

Judge in One Category and Participate in Another

Can I be a Judge in One Category and Participate in Another as a Contestant?

Yes, you can. However, you will not be allowed to judge your own performance and participation.

Change my participation details

Can I change my participation details after they have already been submitted?

In general, applications cannot be modified; Only if names are misspelled. There can be no change in data, however.

Eligible to Submit a Participation As an Agency

I’m an Agency. Am I Eligible to Submit a Participation for a Case we Work on our Customers?

Yes, you are. There is a 30% discount for your submission if your CEO or VP of Growth is also a judge.

Language when Submitting the Applications
What Language Should be Used when Submitting the Applications?

English is the only language that can be used to fill out applications. Original language materials can be used as support though.

For our jury members to be able to effectively judge a project or campaign, it is critical to understand it completely.

Anonymize the Customer Name

Can I Anonymize the Customer Name on the Submitted Case?

Yes of course. No need to expose anything you don’t feel comfortable with; we won’t be bothered.

Anonymously Submit a Participation

Can I Anonymously Submit a Participation?

No, you cannot.

Two Cases

Can I Submit Two Cases to be Awarded?

Yes. Buying two participations, submitting two cases (for the same award), and getting two ranking positions are all possible. Ferrari used to do this in the past πŸ™‚ Mercedes-Benz is doing it now. If you don’t care about f1, disregard the last joke πŸ™‚